I’ve jumped ship!

As you may or may not have noticed, I took a little break from blogging over the past couple of weeks. First I was busy packing, then moving, and then I was busy cursing my decision to move in the first place. That last one took longer than expected.

Truth is, I work well within the confines of simplicity – and Tumblr is kind of perfect for that very thing. So I’ve decided to simply move wash.the.dog over there indefinitely. It will be all the same stuff for the most part – pictures of my dog and food – the ocassional baby (but absolutely zero pictures of dog/baby food, that’s a promise). I feel extremely inspired by this new platform, and excitement abounds!

I hope you will make the leap with me as I have very much enjoyed your company thus far. A little too much, actually.

[Washburne has way better puppy dog eyes than I do. Who’d have thought??]

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks 
into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.”  
- Mark Twain

Catch you on the flip side,

Brit [washthedog.tumblr.com]

Okay so…see you over there??


For Dinner: Something I Can’t Pronounce

Bún Chay.

While I have no idea how to pronounce that, I can say it was “delicious,” “crunchy,” and “flavorful.”

That being said, a bowl of rice noodles and raw vegetables just isn’t cutting it tonight.

I need crepes.

[I genuinely fear that “freeing ourselves from cable” just means “eat more,” but I can’t be sure. I need more evidence!]

It is settled.

We settled on the Blue House this afternoon, after what felt like an eternity of seller’s stress. In actuality, it was a smooth and easy process, for which we are incredibly thankful.

Nevertheless, PHEW.

Now we have one house. It is pink. And as far as we are concerned, it’s also quite perfect.

We celebrated with crepes of Nutella and strawberries, topped with fresh whipped creme. Champagne had been in order – a fancy expensive bottle in fact, but we are saving it for the weekend, so we can get topsy turvy together in our new house. Party, party!

P.S. Our curtain situation is still a work in progress, so if you recognize where we live and happen to walk by, I apologize.

But do come by! It’s just the two of us here getting crunk-diggity on celebratory champagne…

Eggplant & Halloumi Burgers

Halloumi cheese is dense, salty, and it grills like a block of tofu – as in fast and easy. I highly suggest you try it in some capacity, if not on these delicious burgers that I scooped from Veggie Belly.

We all know the importance of layering when it comes to the muli-tiered burger. You put the tomatoes on the pickles, and bam – everything falls apart on your plate (if you’re lucky), and you have no choice but to pick of the pieces with a fork and knife (gasp!).


  • Cut the eggplant a smidge thicker than I did to give it more of a “burger” feel
  • Try the Summer Shandy beer. Not only is it the perfect beer for a warm weather cookout, it could not have complimented this meal any better. (Thanks B.N. for leaving those behind!)

I hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather. Give your papa lots of kisses today.


Creamy Avocado & Egg on Toast

Ever since seeing a tiny, seemingly insignificant “what I ate” Instagram of this sandwich on another blog I’ve been thinking about making it myself. The richness of the egg coupled with the creamy textured avocado, pressed sloppily between seedy whole wheat sourdough bread, makes for a fantastic quick and easy meal.

For sides I added some cucumber slices for crunch, and cherry tomatoes with balsamic vinegar  for a little acidity. 

I rarely buy avocados anymore as I happen to live with a bonafide avocado hater (he asked I bold “hater”), but I grew up eating “avocado sandwiches” on potato rolls, and the fruit has a special place in my heart. In case that warrants more of a description: (1) 1 avocado smashed on 1 potato roll. (2) Eat vigorously before it “poops” out the back of the roll.

My love of avocados was restored tonight. I am going to make variations of it all. summer. long.

And for that, Steven, I am sorry.

Oatmeal Raisin Walnut Cookies

Favorite kind of cookie: Oatmeal Raisin Walnut

Favorite way to make ’em: Like this.

Favorite way to eat them: Warm, with ice cream.

Lord help me I’ve eaten a lot of these suckers today. If you can believe it, I was making them for someone else, out of the goodness of my heart. If you can also believe it, I was simply “testing” them to make sure they were delicious.

I’m meticulous in the kitchen. I am to be admired, really. Admired.

Pink House Mornings

[Yes, I always get up first.]

The Pink House master bedroom is a good bit smaller than our old bedroom, so in a risky game-time decision we brought only our full size mattress with us. In true Dog People fashion, we were most concerned with how well Washburne would manage with the limited acreage.

As it turns out, he might actually be happier.

Marinated Grilled Vegetable Kabobbies

[You thought that said “boobies,” didn’t you?]

The best thing about being a vegetarian is that drinking the marinade isn’t against the rules. It’s frowned upon and “gross,” but I try not to let that stop me.

Grilled Vegetable Marinade:

  • extra virgin olive oil
  • balsamic vinegar
  • dollop of Dijon mustard (heavy-handed if you know what’s good for you)
  • 2 cloves garlic chopped
  • 1 tsp of honey
  • salt & pepper

I usually stick to 3 parts olive oil for every 1 part vinegar. It’s not hard and fast or anything, and such precision won’t make a lick of difference for this marinade, but it’s worked for me so far. Also, I will just go ahead and let you be a grown-up and pick your own vegetables.

There is just something about grilling on the patio while your new neighbors have a loud, drunken shindig on a Sunday night that makes you feel like city folk.

Feels like home already.


The Pink House

We are officially all smiles and sore backs here at the Pink House! While there are still a few home improvement-related projects in the works (a new kitchen ceiling fan, and some organization fixtures [aka hooks]), I am happy to report we are settling in quite nicely.

Every moment from when we started packing until this very one was absolutely exhausting, and it’s so nice to finally be here. I’ve always loved the inspiration that comes from living in a new space.

[And yes, that is a picture of a trashcan. It is, quite possibly, my most favorite possession now. Am I old?]

For our first night alone we grilled marinated vegetable kabobs, and after days of carry-out, it sure did feel good to get back into the kitchen.

Well, outdoor kitchen anyway.

I hope you all had a glorious weekend full of not carrying large things and home-cooked meals. To those of you who helped us put together furniture, hang pictures, and unpack – we love you. We’re totally busy the next time you move – but we love you!


So, this is what moving looks like.

Things are getting serious on Rainier Dr.

I accidentally packed all of my shoes even though we don’t move for two more days. Steve panicked when he realized he had to “get rid of some of his comic books to make room for his math ones.” And Wash won’t stop scooting his ass across the rug.

That has nothing to do with moving, it’s just really gross.

If you looked at our fridge and didn’t know we were moving, you might be inclined to think we care solely for our newlywed friends, Colin and Jess.

And you would be right.

If only someone could motivate me with timeless words of wisdom to carry me through this difficult time…

Perfect timing, Buddha, but if there is anything getting us through this, it’s red wine and the Hall & Oates Pandora station.

Next stop: Pink House

See you there, say, around noon on Friday? Bring tools. And red wine. We are running dangerously low.