Weekend Acquisitions

Yesterday was Small Business Saturday so the boy and I went out and did our part to stimulate the economy. I am a year round patron so we mostly just wandered about in support of the event. And to my delight it was super busy!

The Loot:

Purdy, right?

Albums: Fleetwood Mack Rumours; Peter, Paul and Mommy; Elvis Costello and the Attractions Blood & Chocolate; Sesame Street Fever

The bracelet has a picture of Frida Kahlo, the Mexican surrealist painter. It is from The Muse, a wonderful crafty shop in town. The ring was picked out by my sweet and thoughtful boyfriend. It is a “Pretzel Promise Ring.” It is a promise to buy me pretzels whenever and wherever I so please.

Items made by skilled artists cost more but honestly, I don’t care one bit. I look at it this way: I need a coffee mug. Wal-Mart has mugs for $1 (Wow! So cheap, right!?). Who made that mug? I ask myself why is this mug so cheap? (Sidebar – I use this same process in my argument against fast food) Anyway, yes, a coffee mug from a tiny shop downtown made with an artist hands can cost a good bit more than the one from Wal-Mart but think about what happens if we don’t support these wonderful independent craftspeople. The more we go for the Wal-Mart coffee mug the less choices we ultimately have because Wal-Mart will be the only one left! At least when it comes to coffee mugs. Don’t be so dramatic. Just try not to shop at Wal-Mart so much, kthanks.

And just because I think they are super cool, matching broach and cuff links a that we bought a few weeks ago, also from The Muse:




Golden Age Superman (no I did not know that on my own)… we are going to look so cool next time we dress up.


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