A few tidsy bits about me me ME

I have seen these kinds of lists around the internets and on blogs and I think they are quite nifty and informative. Sometimes they are a 20 Questions kind of layout, other times off the cuff. I chose the latter because I’m wild and crazy, folks!
  • I love sunflowers
  • I hate mayonaise
  • If you saw my music collection you might think I like girls – or hate guys
  • I am in the grueling process of de-leathering my closet (because I think I’m better than you, duh)
  • I think texting is a bullshit way to ask someone out on a date
  • I eat grapes so fast sometimes I choke on them
  • I have terrible serial-killer-grade handwriting (curse of the “Southpaw”)
  • I can’t figure out Twitter to save my life and I suspect I never will
  • Sharks paralyze me with fear
  • I am the worst. flyer. ever.
  • Also, not that great of a great swimmer…
  • When I was a kid I used to sleep walk and “speak Chinese” (so says the Mum)
  • I am currently working my way through 9 seasons on the X-Files
  • I collect salt & pepper shakers
  • Pizza is my favorite meal and this is where I go to get it (if I’m lucky)
  • David Duchovny waved to me outside of a grocery store in Malibu, CA
  • I’ve had 5 knee surgeries, 7 surgeries total
  • I fall asleep really fast if I read while laying down
  • I am a mere two degrees from Kevin Bacon (now you are 3, YOU’RE WELCOME)
  • I’ve been mugged at gunpoint…eeep!
  • I could watch Sound of Music on a continuous loop forever and ever and ever
  • I believe The Cutting Edge is the greatest hockey movie of all time
  • Big fan of babies. Proper ones, not the grown-up kind.

I asked the boy to give me any thoughtful additions to the list and this is what he had to say:

  • You love olives
  • and you don’t like cats but you love to “meow”

Insightful and spot-on. Bravo, sir.

That about sums it up but if you care to know more, get up in here.


One thought on “A few tidsy bits about me me ME

  1. You forgot that you can kick butt and have been able to for a long, long time now. 🙂 And that your 7th/8th grade homeroom teacher has adored you since the day she met you!

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