Holiday Gift Alternatives

Yippee! Who doesn’t love the holidays!?

I know I do but, and that’s a big BUT, I can’t help but get frustrated each year when commercialism explodes all over my life for an entire 2 or 3 months. This past Friday of the black varietay was the “biggest” in history or some bull-honkey statistic like that. Are we not in economic downfall? I am so dumbfounded by the people who squander every penny to go out (at 3 am no less) and buy something 20% off so that someone they care about can open it on Christmas Day. Taking time to focus on why the holidays are important takes more than a short prayer before dinner or giving a few dollars to The Salvation Army at your grocery store. P.S. I might be a bad person but those bells set me off, man.

So, I came up with three ideas in case you were struggling to think of thoughtful and inexpensive gifts this season. I’m going to go for a couple of them myself for sure.

Kiva is an amazing micro-finance non-profit organization that focuses on alleviating poverty through loans from YOU starting at as little as $25. My mom bought us all credits a couple of years ago and I thought it was so cool! I have loaned and been repaid three times now. You don’t technically have to put the money back into the organization, but I think if you don’t, you might a butthole. Personally, I like everything about Kiva but it is just one option of many. If you find a charity or organization closer to your heart, that’ll do just beautifully.

A few years ago when I became a full fledged adult I immediately felt the pressure to buy thoughtful, moderately priced gifts for all the important people in my life. Shortly thereafter I decided this would just not play. So I made up a new rule. Basically, if you can’t eat it, drink it, or burn it (candles, people!), it likely isn’t a holiday gift from me. I had solid intentions of making my own Sherry wine this year but I got too busy. Womp womp. I am determined to do this next year so if you like Sherry, be nice to this girl. The boy was all about trying this but not everyone we know has a fireplace so I vetoed it. I do think it is super cool though even if we just do it for ourselves.

Anyway, I like the idea of giving a gift that can be used up and actually enjoyed. It won’t sit around your house collecting dust or worse, re-gifted. The boy and I are making cookies and hot cocoa baskets this year. That might sound lame but it’s gonna be slammin’. I’ll show you soon enough.

Volunteer. The Frederick Rescue Mission and Community Living Inc. are great options in this area. I am looking into both for the holidays.

I hope you found these helpful. Merry Holidaytimes, peeps!


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