Quiche and make up, already!

About a week ago my 21 year old brother and his travelin’ buddy, Andrew, were staying at our house for the Turkey Tofurkey holiday weekend. My mother, genius that she is, gave us copious amounts of leftovers for what I thought was a ‘thank you’ for hosting the feast. In retrospect, I think she knew exactly what was to transpire.

THEY ATE ALL MY LEFTOVERS. Namely, the quiche. The quiche I personally requested. And asparagus quiche at that! Those sneaky-fast-metabolism-having-early-20s monkeys. Friday morning I came downstairs and there they were. Staring at me. Dirty dishes. Evidence. 

Ugh. I know, I know. I should be thankful I got any quiche at all. Blah blah blah.

So, to satisfy our week-long craving we whipped up not one, but TWO asparagus quiches tonight. Easy and delicious. And the best part? Technically speaking, I got an entire pie to myself.

I admit it – I bought ready-made pie crusts. So what?

Now that I’m fat, happy, and full of fluffy egg pie, I love my brother again.

More so the one on the left…


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