Just Pump It Up

(Pumps on the brain I started thinking about how many 90’s songs are concerned with pumping. Pumping jams, pumping it, pumping kicks, etc.)

Moving on…

I am very happy to report that the boy is getting an insulin pump! Woot! A fancy one too.

No more needles. Fewer crazy highs and lows. I am elated for him. And proud. And excited! Things are going to be changing around here over the next few weeks, making minor adjustments and such but I think we are gonna be just awesome.

No one deserves this more.

"I think I'm growing enormous! Look at this normal-sized cup of coffee!"

Aside from the fact that this very evening the boy showed me his latest perler bead masterpiece: Harry Potter and the Golden Snitch, this is a great example of why I love this guy…

Me: I need to learn code.

Boy: What kind of code?

Me: Computer.

Boy: There are a lot of different languages for different things.

Me: Coding.

Boy: You’re killing me.

Me: Softly.

This goes on for some time. Then he might forward me 20 websites about different “coding” options. He might also slip in an article about space. Space research, space travel, space odysseys. This kid loves him some space. Speaking of which, did you know you could fit a million Earths inside the sun? That’s how big it is. I had no idea. Now this is coming from a person who, when listening to the Maroon 5 lyric, “we’re only 7 miles from the sun,” promptly asked, “Are we really that close to the sun?” Don’t worry, I won’t procreate.

My point is that I often take advantage of his endless patience, sometimes on purpose, and sometimes because I am, literally, one of the most annoying people on the planet Earth (a million of them I tell yas!). But he is soooooo patient with me. With people. With our pup. With pretty much anything.

I look forward to standing beside him, patiently, while he learn how to pump it, just pump it up.


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