Review: Voltaggio’s Lunchbox

I was getting my haircut today by the fabulous Miss Christy over at Structures when I heard that the Bryan Voltaggio-owned Lunchbox was now open for business only a few yards away. In all honestly, I got a peek at their menu a few days ago and while I thought it looked delicious, I assumed sandwiches at $5 and soups at $4 a pop would mean teeny tiny portions. I was skeptical.

I will be the first to admit I was wrong. I write this with a full and happy belly.

So we walk into the place and there’s Bryan Voltaggio himself, working the counter. I mean this guy has an condiment called “soy air” on his other menu…color me impressed. At this point you can also color me hungrier than a bear fresh out of hibernation too. Let’s get this show on the road, I said!

The atmosphere is casual. Picnic benches (which I love btw) with a kind of deli/bakery feel to the place. We arrive at around 11:45 as it was starting to pick up (by the time we left the place was buzzing!), ordered, and got our food by noon. Not bad, not bad at all. However, I would expect a longer wait in the future.

Here are some of the random things I really liked about Lunchbox:

  • old fashioned Coca-Cola bottles
  • napkins in actual tin lunch boxes
  • real silverware!
  • veggie-friendly soups (all but the split pea – darn! I love split pea)
  • FREE apples
  • local milk from South Mountain Creamery
  • Cherry Glen Farms goat cheese
Phew, a lot of those were food. I do have my priorities.

I decided on the portobello with pesto, roasted pepper, and goat cheese sandwich and a mixed salad. The boy got the grilled cheese (it had sea salt sprinkled on the top!) and red onion soup (like french onion but sweeter). We noshed happily.

Next time I got my eye on the peanut butter and banana sandwich. Maybe the butternut squash or Alphabet soups.

I am green with envy of anyone who works in DT Frederick.

Bottom line: You should go. I got a good feeling this place is going to get mighty busy when warm weather rolls around again.

Gotta roll. Hot date with the boy and Carlita tonight. Cheers!


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