Surprise, it’s your Christmas present!

I loved this idea for the holidays when I stumbled upon it a few weeks ago. We set out this weekend to be sure that it was not only pretty but also delicious.

See, last year we made about 50 (50!) ‘cakes-in-a-jar.’ This year’s approach will be somewhat newer lazier. I really like jars because they can be repurposed for milkshakes, or flowers, or whatever you like – so this theme will continue for the 2011 holidays.

I have a bunch of different ideas as to how I want to complete the look of the jars this year, but after eating 2 (giant) slices tonight I am simply pleased to know we will be gifting the ingredients to complete this tasty treat.

I know, I know. Just give you the bread.

I’m all over it.

 Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Quick Bread

What’s up with all this baking recently? No idea.


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