Wednesday is for Wishlist

Please note this has nothing to do with Christmas. I just like looking at all these things together. They make me smile.

Also, I know for a fact that my mom and my boyfriend read this blog.

  1. Canon 50mm lens
  2. Florence + The Machine “Ceremonials”
  3. Vegan Tommies
  4. Tardis iPhone4 phone case
  5. Yellow Macbook shell ***
  6. French Rosetta Stone
  7. Diane Keaton’s new autobiography

I just realized that is like the Wal-Mart of the Internet. That makes me feel a tiny bit guilty. I need to think on this.

*** Someone (me) might have begged someone else (the boy) to let them open one of the three boxes that arrived from last night – and a Macbook shell might have been inside.

Someone (me, again) might have have squealed just a bit.

Mister K., you’re the bestest.


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