Fancy Pants

  • Listening to: A Very She and Him Christmas Ceremonials
  • Just watched: HIMYM
  • In my belly: Spaghetti and ‘meatballs’
  • On my feet: a beagle

Becky’s Fancy Dress Party happened almost a week ago, I am a slacker.

On our way to the party we got a tad bit lost (Picture the three of us staring intently at the blue dots on our ‘smart’phones like they were the keys to the universe. Now laugh). In our defense, while she lives in “Frederick,” her house is not before a mile long dirt road that looks a lot like an opening scene out of Chainsaw Massacre and it kind of threw us for a loop. I need street lights. I do. That is just the kind of girl I am.

A few things before you continue to the pictures:

  1. Carly used the craft station to make the creepiest Christmas/Valentines Day card. Ever. See below.
  2. Becky’s sister-in-law (I’m assuming she was responsible) made these tempura tofu bites with curry sauce that gave me the shivers they were so freakin’ good.
  3. I discovered Instagram about 3 hours before the party.
  4. Nick & Brindie Frye were also at the party. I caught Nick in the middle of funny faces while Brindie tried to climb into the wood stove her widdle legs were so cold.

Her clothes are amazing and I am admittedly quite jealous of her talents. Not to go unrecognized, I was also in the presence of culinary greatness. Brooke Dawson made some badass cakes and a gorgeous themed cake for the party as well. I’m hungry.

I patiently await the launch of Becky’s Etsy shop. And Brooke’s bakery too while we are at it.

On an unrelated note, go ahead and buy the new Florence + The Machine album. Mind blown. I am doing the (trademarked) ‘from-the-waist-up-sway-dance right this very moment,’ in bed and I can see how nervous the boy is about the frequency with which I will want to listen to this album.


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