The Cookie Monster

The office Cookie Swap seemed like an awesome idea until I realized part of the “swap” involved bringing a dozen+ cookies home… Really, I just can’t eat this many cookies. I’m hauling these suckers back into the office tomorrow. So they can stare at me from my desk all day. Now that’s the holiday spirit.

Speaking of spirit, the boy said the following was of the mean variety. I said it was funny. This might be us in a nutshell. (That’s not us in a nutshell, this is us in a nutshell. Look! We’re in a nutshell!)

“I smell peanut butter and poisonous chocolate! Yum!”

“Maybe if I scoot over this way…yes, yes. Almost there…”

Ten points for that beagle-reach. Sorry buddy, we love you too much to give you these.

Plus, you ate my egg sandwich Sunday morning while my head was turned, ya jerk. Did you think I was going to forget about that? Did you? Never. Those eggs were perfect. Perfect.

So after the cookie taunt I got Washburne all riled up while the boy was upstairs. This is kind of a ‘no-no’ in the house. And rules were meant to be broken.

We got in trouble about 30 seconds later. Worth it.



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