The Cyborg Speaks

Hooray! The boy got a brand-spankin’-new-top-of-the-line-hoytee-toytee insulin pump today. And that sucker is fancy!

After a year and some change I still don’t know as much as I should would like to about diabetes. This is what I do know:

  • Needles – ouch!
  • Alcohol is essentially prohibited (booooooooo)
  • BG between 80-120 is ideal
  • Super low blood sugars generally require juice with a straw
  • Highs make you feel sluggish and icky
  • Insulin smells weird
As everyone knows, I am a hard-hitting journalist at my day job (everything you tell me is on the record and blogable, let’s be friends!). I thought it would be more than appropriate to apply those same skills right here on washthedog.

The boy, a self-described 28-year-old statistician, video game enthusiast, comic book reader, and Star Wars/Star Trek aficionado, has had diabetes for 20 years. Twenty!

Let’s see what he has to say about his new gadget!

What are some cool features of your new pump?

It is cordless and self-contained. All of the important stuff is in this little thing attached to me. There is a remote control in the meter that I use to change doses but it doesn’t need to be attached to me like most pumps would. I really like how I can change the basal rates around and that I can adjust the bolus. 

Who do you like better? Me or your dog?

I like you better but if I were holding you both over the edge of a cliff I would let you go because Wash can’t hold onto anything on the fall down. I think you could make it. 

Um? What kind of answer is that? Moving on…

“Don’t worry, Ma. I will check this out pronto.”

What is a canula?

A canula is a little plastic tube that stays inside of you, like the opposite of a catheter, or much like an IV. (Most importantly, the canula replaces the need for needles. Win!)

** Making sure the canula activates is my ONE job. This makes me very proud.

On a scale of 1 to really super-duper happy, where are you? 

Really super-duper happy plus 5.

I caught Washburne mid-yawn and it looks funny.

** Update: Sugars off the wall – almost 400 (eeek). Currently on the phone with the wonderful nurse, Tracey, who showed us the ropes this afternoon. This might be a bit of a rough transition but we are pushing through.


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