Fun Fact: Dogs of childless couples are spoiled. (Christmas 2011)

Without going into great detail, Christmas night was kind of a bust. It ended with an ambulance and without dinner. Everyone is fine now, but I still can’t help but be bummed about the whole evening. Not to mention my brother, Dane, was on holiday and away from home for the first Christmas ever, and that just felt all sorts of wrong. (I do hope he is having fun though! He deserved it very much).

Through the entire ordeal I did realize one thing though, and it kind of gave me the fuzzy tinglies.

You see, this guy is, by far, the coolest kid I have ever known in my entire life. 

He was so composed, and sensitive, and thoughtful, and caring about the (very adult) matter with which we were all dealing with. When did he grow up? When did he turn into this young man? I remember when he was 10 seconds old and smelled like a graham cracker for crying out loud. And when he was two, running around at 7am with that popper vacuum cleaner toy (I was constantly hiding that thing) causing a ruckus (this was especially exhausting as I had probably gotten home only several hours earlier…). He would come wake me up on Saturday mornings, “Bit! Pancakes!” I am too lazy to scan pictures right now but seriously, cutest. kid. ever.

Not everyone gets to watch their siblings grow up. Ask me how much fun I thought it was 10.5 years ago, you probably would have gotten a lippy smart-ass teenager kind of response that basically meant “not fun at all.” Ask me now, I feel blessed and proud and gushy.

I realized I hadn’t thought about how much he had grown up over the last few years and it just smacked me right in the face last night. I was almost relieved when he asked our mother if he could use his new Kindle Fire at the dinner table. Ah, there was that hope-filled, cheeky, 11-year-old boy wishful yet irrational thinking. Phew! Not all grown up yet…

In other holiday news, my grandmother was in typical form: dripping in jewels, hungry as a hippo (“When are we eating, darling? I skipped brunch today…”), and something dead draped around her shoulders (God love her).

Earlier in the day Steve’s parents came over to celebrate, Google Chat with family across the pond, and consume copious amounts of cheese with us. Embarrassing screen shots were taken. Noisy holiday hats were worn (and then taken off because they scared the dog), Royal Wedding themed presents were opened. ‘Twas great fun.

For our first Christmas together with the pup, we bought him a Thunder Shirt – the famous Thunder Shirt! We can’t decide if he hates the thing or it workes better than Valium-laced Purina because he didn’t move a muscle for the 5 minutes he had it on. He looked so…sad. It was half adorable, half torture to watch.

Luckily, he bounced back…thanks to Uncle Robert and Aunt Emily. Even cakes made for dogs are better in England!

Speaking of which, is this not the greatest thing ever?

I’ve used it three times since yesterday afternoon.

The long weekend was unexpectedly relaxing. We watched The Help (good, kind of long). Then we watched Midnight in Paris and I would like to say it was fantastic. Or as Brian Norris will tell you, “better than the recent crap Woody Allen has been putting out…” I am contemplating a hired assassin). We also cooked a lot of food (what’s new there?) and received so many thoughtful, thoughtful gifts. I am really grateful for all the loveliness. I wish I could bore you with pictures and stories of each and every present – but I won’t!

I hope everyone had a nice relaxing and thankful holiday!

Back to work tomorrow. Traffic better be easy breezy this entire week or I am going to punch everyone in the face.

Merry Christmas!


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