Is that a spork? Why yes, yes it is.

Lucky for all your faces, traffic was quite pleasant this morning (I might have referenced punching them in a post yesterday, sorry about that). Even with the breezy commute I was all sorts of ready to come home to my dog and just relax. A three day weekend can really get you into the mostly-doing-nothing swing of things, am I right?

The weather was so meh today… I wanted nothing more than to curl up on the couch, eat some soup with (overly) buttered bread, and watch The X-Files. I am happy to report I successfully completed all three. Side note: Ari’s wife on Entourage (Perrey Reeves) was a vampire in this episode – I couldn’t place her and it was driving me bonkers.

We have since moved onto 30 Rock because well, X-Files was feeling a bit dark for our moods. It’s the music, man.

Enough about that…Pictures?

* A new, much needed bag (I needed it, I swear!) * Swanky tea cup with removable strainer and steeping lid (Look, I’m really into tea now) * Butter snobs (do these exist?), eat this – you must eat this! * White bean soup that I might have thought had chicken in it for like, 2 seconds tops * Calorie-free sourdough bread * “Gimme some soup” * “Fine, don’t. I will just keep staring into your eyes like this.” * Infused bourbon compliments of Carlita, the coolest salt & pepper shakers ever, and a swiss cheese board (There are no cats in America! And the streets are filled with cheese!) * An elephant, um, pill holder? Seriously Mom, is that for drugs or what? * New lens, what what! * Beagle pup ornament (from England!) * I’m starting quite the collection of wine plugs (official name)question though, what do I do if I have FOUR open bottles at a time? WPP. * Does this make me Kate!? * The boy’s “grid-it” – and please don’t judge, but there is a SPORK in there, people.

Yes, a spork.

Now laugh with me, for these are some of my favorite moves. Look how my belly glistens!




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