Weekend Wrap-Up: Instagram Mode

I have spent a majority of 2012 in bed watching movies like lazy slob. I have only gone vertical to eat, shower, or change the DVD. I’m not even that bummed about going to work tomorrow, to be honest. The traffic though, that might kill me dead.

I am currently watching the last installment of the Star Wars series trilogy with a pup on my feet. For whatever reason, this always puts me right to sleep.

Some highlights (with Instagram) from this past weekend:

  • Wash loves going under the bed, especially after he has done something bad downstairs (this time it was eating tissue paper out of the garbage). Since we have pretty much no clue what we are doing when it comes to training, we just try and reason with him like he is a low-functioning human. Hasn’t quite worked yet.
  • My new 50mm lens finally arrived in the mail this weekend and I love love love it! Thanks, Mom!
  • My salt & pepper shaker collection is truly rocking and rolling. Carly’s mom, Jackie, saw these owl shakers and thought of me – super sweet, right? I have requested mounted shelving in my ‘office’ to better display my addiction collection. In the meantime, I am going to take these into work. People are always looking for good quality salt and pepper at the office – or is that just me?
  • Isaac picked out flowers for the boy and me as congrats on our engagement. It was so freaking cute, let me tell you. However, upon seeing us leave he began to cry, claiming they were, in fact, his flowers. It broke my heart but I checked on him later and it looks like he is going to pull through. Phew. (Plus, they look great in my window:) )
**Other top-notch moments thus far in 2012 include getting to see my brother (he spent Christmas and NYE in Europe) for a bit, and catching up with good friends I didn’t see on NYE.



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