Salt & Pepper Tofu

Yea, Asia, what’s up?

I said I would give your cuisine my undivided attention this year so here I am in all my glory.

Minor disclaimer: I am not big on posting recipes (I’m lazy). Because, for the most part, I don’t like reading/following/using them myself (I can’t follow directions). And actually writing them out makes my face hurt. However, if I use a recipe from the Internets, I will always link it. In any case, if you want specifics please just let me know! I have been known to send full recipes over text message. While driving. A motorcycle.

Hey you there, have you been to Lucky Corner? I’ve been going there for years and it is one of those places that makes me think of Frederick. If I ever moved away I would make a mad dash there every time I got to town. Everyone that works there is so nice to me because my mom goes there twice a week they love how I always ask for extra chopsticks.

There is a dish there called Tofu with Salted Peppers that for some reason my entire family calls Salt & Pepper Tofu (one of Earth’s greatest mysteries). It sounds boring, right? It isn’t. It’s amazing. And we made our own version tonight.

Things that are hard: Making food-inspired by food-that you ate a few times-at a place where serving food-is the whole point of having said food place. I guess we are just crazy like that. For me, that is the fun part anyway. Allez cuisine! 

Please don’t be afraid/grossed out by tofu. Think of it like vegetarian chicken (but without beaks or disease). It tastes like whatever you put on it, I promise. 

I happen to live with a bok choy enthusiast, born from bok choy enthusiasts. Lucky Corner uses regular old cabbage.

Coat tofu with equal parts cornstarch, salt, pepper, and sugar.

We have somewhere around 452 bottles of beer leftover from the holidays. I have absolutely no idea how this happened.

I should also note that there is a buttload of ginger in this dish (the fresh kind, cut up into spicy chunks), so if you make it and don’t like it, I think I know the root of your problem.

Oh, come on. That was funny.

Yay! Friday. I could kiss you.


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