Dum dum dadum (Wedding ‘Lookbook’ DIY)

It is no secret that I enjoy a well-planned event. So I finally got my engaged butt in gear this weekend and started putting some ideas together.

For anyone asking “Have you set a date?” right now: 1) Why is this the first question people ask? I am never asking anyone this ever again. (I know you mean well, btw!)  And 2) We are waiting a few months to set anything in stone as far as a date is concerned (all depends on a few things). Either September or Springtime, that’s all we got right now.

Which is kind of why this ‘book’ is full of conflicting ideas. Various flowers, dress styles, fall/summer themed centerpieces, what have you. Actually not having to decide all the important stuff right now has made this even more fun. And for that I am very thankful.

I divided the book into 11 different sections based on what I think is important. Suggestions welcome. Help too. Help is welcome. Seriously. Help me.

  1. Dress (and boy stuff too)
  2. Drink
  3. Dancing (music)
  4. “Do-Up” (hair/make-up/accessories too)
  5. Doilies (centerpieces)
  6. Desserts
  7. D’oeuvres
  8. Departure (parting gifts/favors)
  9. Daisies (bouquet)
  10. Doggy (ideas for the “Best Man”)
  11. Down on the Farm (venue)
(See what I did there? Like I said, love a theme, this girl)

**So…does anyone have some old bridal magazine they are willing to part with? I will come to you. Fair warning: I am going to cut them up.

In between all this cut and paste madness I took inventory of what I am reading these days too.

  • On Writing Well – this was a gift to me from a former co-worker/friend/current graduate student/Austin, TX resident
  • The Age of Speed – I’m to read this before our annual company meeting at the end of February. I also have to get to watch a movie about a horse called Secretariat. The pay off for all of this is a giant party at which I might be dressed like Ginger from The Spice Girls.
  • Life is a Trip – I got this in my travel-themed Christmas stocking from the boy. I love reading about travel.
  • Then Again – I bought this today and I am really excited to dig in. Annie Hall is my favorite movie. Woody Allen is my favorite director person in the world. This book will not let me down, I know it.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Personally, I ate a lot.

And to those of you who have off of work tomorrow, bugger off.


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