Weekly Insta-Gramification

As I said in my last post, I ate a lot this weekend. That fact will be reflected in the pictures below.

Random musings to pair with your insta-gramification:

  • I forgot how awesome pizza from Brewers’ Alley was. Go there. Eat it.
  • See that cement? I found it in Bethesda in front of where I had lunch. WHO DID THAT? I must know.
  • Roasting anything makes it better, hands down. Adding roasted vegetables to pasta? Stop it.
  • Sumittra is pretty. darn. good. They have such a modern ambiance going on there and I’m totally into it. Can’t go wrong with the Drunken Noodles. Sadly, they do not get you drunk. That would be my only complaint.
  • And completely unrelated with no photo available, there are no words for how shitty I think The Vow is going to be. I just needed you to know where I stood on that.



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