My name is Brit and I’m addicted to baby feet.

It is a weird day when you realize the same girls you once broke all the rules with have become some of the world’s most wonderful, caring, and natural mothers. When did this happen? Clearly sometime over the last 10-15 years, but still – it was shockingly seamless.

Now in my 28th year, many of my greatest nights are spent exactly like the one I had Friday: with pizza, wine, the best of friends, and wine. Did I say wine already?

Anyway, I heart them. The girls, the husbands, the babies. All of them. They warm this tiny cold, cold heart. 

I consistently witness this child performing well above any expectations you would have for a 7 month old. 

And then I realize his feet are still so bulbous. Look at them -no human could walk on those! 

Personal evening highlight: When Adam showed us all a youtube video of a woman in a clown mask… nevermind, just watch it. We did. About 7 times. 

Oh hello, ladies. You caught me off-gaurd. I’m Brian Norris. I love swimming laps, a good novel, and my job title has “Director” in it. Let’s have a martini sometime. 

And I’m Adam. I have a wife and a kid. I know exactly what breast milk, throw-up, and poop smells like when combined. Let’s have a nap together sometime.

Hope your Friday was as pleasantly uneventful as mine.

XO, big X



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