Vegan Fare (Don’t pull away from me.)

A few hours after I decided to give this recipe I found on The Kitchn a go, my mama called me on the telly. She had been away all weekend, eating like a piggy, drinking like a fish, and just wanted something “clean and simple” to eat for dinner. I told her about what I was cooking up and she decided to try it the very same night.

Digging in, I knew we would disagree on one thing: the salt. I definitely think this dish needs a good bit more of it. My mother cooks entire dishes with a pinch of it, if that, and full disclosure: I throw some into whatever she is cooking if I am around (Surprise!).

A few other note-worthy tidbits:

  • I have a great fiancé sous chef (who pretends not to care every time I say ‘hydro-plane’ instead of ‘micro-plane’)
  • Sweet potatoes do not need butter or sugar to be delicious (ok, Paula?)
  • 1 lb of spinach, cooked down, is basically a handful
  • Coconut milk is a great substitute for anyone too scared to jump off the dairy train
  • Yes, dairy trains exist.
  • And 2 giant sweet potatoes is enough for 6 people. Woops.
I like the idea of this a lot – starch on the bottom, flavorful stew on top. I am also a sucker for creamy vegan dishes that use coconut milk. Maybe it was just the salt, maybe it was the execution, I don’t know for sure – but it didn’t slay.
Or maybe the boy and I just couldn’t get over our desire to make quinoa cakes again, for the second night in a row.
Ok, yea, that was probably it.


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