Like dogs?

Ok, please continue.

Chalky cleanse drinks, homemade falafel salads, Amish-made blackberry pie, pup’s first yellow snow (as far as this adoptive mother is concerned), brunch dates in Bethesda, and lots of quality time with the four-legged, summed up with Instagram.

We have had Rosie for almost a week now and I’m really going to miss that messy, water-drinking fool when she leaves in a couple of days. I’ve even been impressed with how well my self-centered, hump-happy dog has been with the old gal. They are the best of friends these days and honestly,  I’ve been enjoying the full house.

Depending on where the next year takes us, I’d like to see another pup in our future.

“Not this big though, ok?” – Landlord Kern



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