‘Babysitting’ is a weird word. Think about it.

With Mama Burke being out of town running her very first marathon (!!!) with her papa this past weekend, we got to spend Saturday afternoon with one of our favorite 2-year-olds. I am usually nervous about the hand off/parents leaving, but Isaac pleasantly surprised me when he showed up ready to get the party started. No tears. No boo-boo lip. And no anxious “good-byes.” With one fast flip of the Lego box, we were off.

Isaac is at the tender age of repetition. A parrot, if you will. He was like an adorable little high-pitched echo following me around. I would tell the dogs to back off or get down and he would be right behind me, pointing fingers, giving stern looks. These looks were lost on my dog in particular though.¬†Because Washburne don’t listen to no 2-year-olds.

Outside of dog wrangling, we also watched Frosty the Snowman, Ratatouille, and The Polar Express. Yes, all three. And Isaac knows each movie, line by line, in their entirety. All the parts that are supposed to be funny, he does not find comical for the most part. However, totally random bits crack him up. The rats’ father just disowned him for wanting to befriend a human? Full body-shaking giggles. Being a kid rules.

And if I may interject a quick personal opinion, The Polar Express is totally creepy, right? Do you know what the Uncanny Valley is? Every single character from that movie will go there to die, mark my words.

Later in the afternoon we took the dogs for a walk in hopes of working off some energy. It was… interesting. Two pulling dogs, a kid with forearms for legs, and a fair amount of wind will do that to a walk, I suppose. We got about a block down the street and turned around promptly. Nevertheless, it proved to be enough exercise in the end. Not long after returning to the house, the pups and the baby boy were fast asleep. Success.

After Isaac’s dad picked him up to go home we put on our fancy date pants. I decided to take the Mr. to The Melting Pot since he had never been there and he loves cheese. Has it been a really long time since I’ve been there or did it always totally suck? I can’t figure it out. I’m a huge Yelp! fan. Why didn’t I Yelp first? Why?? Overrated and overpriced. On the bright side, I did get some inspiration to try making fondue myself so I have that to look forward to.

Dinner was a miss but I’ll admit they got an ambiance thing going on. It gave me a wicked idea to stage a fake proposal in hopes of getting a free meal, but the Mr. shot it down right quick. I guess doing it once was enough. Ok, that’s fair, but is that not the greatest idea ever?

Happy Date Nights to you all.



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