Have I told you lately?

I had a wicked migraine coming on this afternoon. Have you ever had a migraine? You understand where I’m coming from then. This happens every few months or so, and when it does, I go into survival mode. Mincing words while ever so delicately nodding my head in agreement or disapproval is all I can usually muster.

“Want to lay down?” Nod. “Want some food?” Nod. “Want me to get these stupid dogs to quit barking at the wind?” Double nod.

But sometimes, if you are lucky, nodding is not necessary. Bowls of delicious ready-to-eat fruit and caffeinated soda with migraine-proof straw placement just appear before you like magic. And that is love. 

To some, love might be never having to say you’re sorry. Or maybe it’s always putting the toilet seat down (or replenishing the toilet roll…). Or maybe to you, love is a battlefield (it’s important to cover all points of view, afterall).

But to me, love is a giant bowl of already peeled, pulled-apart clementines, and a can of diet coke with a straw. And as it so happens, I don’t live near any mountaintops so I will cyber shout right here. Cover your ears because I’m feeling better already.

I love him. He is awesome. And he looks f**king delicious in a suit.   

Now I’m just plain curious. What is love to you?

big O, little x – Brit


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