Cookie Crumbs

I ate a cookie for breakfast today. I told myself it was more like a cracker because it had rosemary in it, but it was not a cracker.

I then decided it was a biscuit. I was drinking tea while I stuffed my fat face ate it, and biscuits go with tea. And in England, biscuits are cookies! Yes! Successful rationalization!

But in the end I knew it was a cookie. And I know I ate it because I was stressed out, busy, and off my hinges just a tad.

This cookie-for-breakfast behavior is a manifestation of the fact that I kind of have a lot on my plate right now. I’m not complaining. Please don’t take this as complaining. Two years ago my plate had like, three ramen noodles and a Brazil Nut on it, so I couldn’t be happier with my current lot. I’m just overwhelmed. For example, I came across an email titled “Lists, Lists, Lists,” that I had sent to myself a few weeks ago.  It was a list – of the lists – that I wanted to make over the following weekend.

I’m like a crazy list maker when I get busy. But lists of lists? Whole new level.

I don’t know exactly how to fully enjoy this gorgeous, bountiful plate set before me 100% of the time. I can admit that. We all have those ungrateful, seriously-lacking-in-perspective moments. I suppose it’s how fast you snap out of those moments that matters most.

OK, that’s the last one. I promise.


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