Accio Tablet!

Today my brother asked me “What exactly did Steve get you? A magical pen?” and I realized I wasn’t nearly specific enough in my last post. Just so we are clear, yes, he got me a magical pen. Please don’t tell Dumbledore I’ve begun using magic outside of Hogwarts. Oh you can’t, you say? He’s dead?

Sorry, spoiler alert. HE DIES. And it is the second (out of 14) hardest I’ve ever cried during a Harry Potter film.

Ok, so it’s actually a graphics tablet and it offers hours and hours of endless fun. A few weeks ago, in passing, I said something along the lines of, “I would like to be able to draw on my pictures.” Evidently someone was listening. And for the record, this wasn’t one of those times I mention how I’d really like something (laptop shell, new travel backpack, USB battery charger, to get married) and then pretend like the idea came out of nowhere when the package/ring arrives. This was a real-life-out-of-the-blue surprise. Some might say it is an attempt at keeping me busy so I don’t care how much Star Wars is getting played I’m less annoying. Yes, some might say that.

We had a grand old time figuring out our new techno-toy last night. Turns out, I am bona fide tablet genius!

The natural tablet skills I possess are overwhelming.

So, all clear now? Tablet. No magic. Hair appointment this Saturday.


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