home today, gone tomorrow

The boy and I had some doctor/dentist/orthodontist appointments scheduled for today and honestly, I couldn’t be happier with the day we chose for them. Wednesdays are already terrible on so many levels, traffic being at the top. Throw snow on there and people are straight up jerks. So thanks, snow gods. Nailed it.

In between our various appointments we worked diligently from our respective couches, ate peanut butter & jelly, built a fire, and listened to Peter, Paul & Mary on Pandora.

“The Lion Sleeps Tonight” came on at some point. It was a slightly shocking change of pace (from all the anti-war ballads) but then again, Pitbull came on my Adele station a few weeks ago so there you have it.

Either way, the song is great.

“Why is this on here? I hate this song,” Steve says to me as he goes to change it. “What? I love this song…” And I do. Don’t you? Who doesn’t like that song??

People who hate The Lion King, thats who. I won’t say deal breaker outright, but yea, it was definitely a rough patch for us.

I wasn’t wildly impressed with the snow (good enough reason for a fire though). While technically snowflakes in the air, it was just rain everywhere else. Bottom line: We are all going to work tomorrow.

Which is why I’m going to squeeze every relaxing moment I possibly can out of this day. I suggest you do the same.

big O, little x



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