Kitchen: Getting Organized

I’m terrible about using older food first. This goes double for after I’ve replaced an item with a new, fresher version. Why would I want to eat that four-day-old red pepper when I have this crispy, fresh pepper right here?? Truth is, both peppers are probably really good and I’m just being a food snob.

The purpose of the new fridge addition is to deter such behavior. We buy a lot of the same items week to week (hummus, vegetables, cheese, lettuce) and although we are constantly replacing those items each time we shop, we aren’t necessarily done with them either.

The new plan: Before I go to the grocery store (we are thrice weekly shoppers), I will take inventory of what we already have, and place anything with an impending expiration date into the box.

Hopefully this practice yields a few benefits:

  • Less overall waste (Can’t hurt, right?)
  • The satisfaction of being less wasteful (“Being less wasteful tastes so good!” – future us)
  • Inspire me to make more creative dishes using what we already have (hummus sandwiches!?!? – “These are gross.”)
  • Save us some cash money (ideally, we’ll be less inclined to buy more peppers for fear of having to eat them 7 days out – “These peppers we have to eat first are gross.”)
  • And it can’t hurt to be a little more organized, right?
**We shall see if it works.**

I also found this great idea recently. Yes, I have a lot of room in my kitchen right now, but who knows? I might be cooking out of a teeny, tiny kitchen space at some point in the future. In which case, this is right up my alley.

Do you have any cool kitchen organization tips that you might be willing share with me?


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