Bits & Pieces

It’s almost 9 pm and the boy and I are drinking coffee (left to our own devices on an ‘our options are endless’ kind of Friday night and we get CRAZY, people!) and catching up on the new episodes of 30Rock.

Anyway, I see lots of nifty stuff throughout the week inside the tiny, seemingly insignificant corners of the Internets. It is my wish to bring them to you. At least the parts that I want/need/enjoy/think are pretty. Feast!

  • These arches are the business. ^^
  • If only Valentimes’ (intentional) Day fell on a Saturday this year…getting up early to make these seems weird for a Tuesday.
  • I just need to borrow $8,954 so I can buy this entire line (all but the bottom right one – that one is straight up ugly). Reply in the comments with your bank account number. Please and thank you. You likey though?
  • My mom used to make the best pot pies and I miss them a dangerous amount of miss. This recipe might do the trick.
  • Ahem, and maybe these too…
  • What’s with me and the kitchen these days?
  • I mean, this is getting out of hand. But isn’t the idea of writing all over an entire kitchen wall extremely enticing?
  • I love how grateful and sweet this couple is while remaining dedicated to having the wedding they wanted. Baby pictures of every guests? Brilliant! And don’t panic (I can feel a few of you panicking). There will be cheese at our wedding.
  • Plus, I already know exactly what kind of wedding I want. This one. 


I’m gonna go refill my coffee and do some one-armed pushups.


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