The Kern-Galloways are going to prison.

Alcatraz, that is!

I’m taking the boy with me to San Diego at the end of the month while I host a work conference. Rough life, right? Don’t worry, I probably won’t even get to see the ocean while I’m there. Fun fact, though – the conference site is the resort where they filmed Some Like It Hot.

The Mister will be on own his for a few days, but after I’m all done, we are heading up to San Francisco for a little (and much needed) vacation. Since neither of us have been there before, any ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

We are staying in the Mission District at a bed & breakfast with no car. Just walking shoes and the occasional trolley is what we are working with, in case that helps.

It’s been a while since we traveled anywhere together. I’m hoping the trip ends like every single episode of Full House: a lesson learned, a quippy remark from Kimmy Gibbler,  and a hot uncle hug sandwich.

So, have you got any suggestions?

…And does anyone know any hot uncles who live in San Francisco?

Photo Credits: Full House streetbridge, and Alcatraz


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