Pucker up y’all, it’s Valentines’ Day…

My day started with a grammatically inaccurate, but sweet card from the pup (he tries), and ended with homemade whipped cream & strawberries.

In between (during the day, not inside the strawberries and cream…), there were stuffed shells and goat cheese salad…

A first-time experiment with vegetarian sausage… (total win btw, post coming soon – I will convert you)

A much-anticipated episode of Downton Abbey. If Michael Crawley was my cousin, I’d marry him too.

And a few awkwardly timed pictures of yours truly. Give me whipped cream covered fruit and I will make just about any face you like.

At the risk of sounding cheeky, I had a surprisingly great day. And by the looks of all the pictures of candy, flower bouquets, and homemade desserts on Facebook, I’d say you did too.

P.S. In the spirit of this special day, I wanted to share this idea with my lady friends.

Kissy kissy!! And Happy VD. Because sometimes it’s just worth it.

little x, big O – Brit


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