This day, I am like sloth…Why?I had Italian food like back-to-back-to-back-to-back. Pizza, spaghetti … and Rice Balls. Oh, sacred Rice Balls. I almost don’t want to talk about them.

I know there must be a technical name for these fist-sized treats but I have yet to learn of it (nor care!). So for now, we discuss the balls.

So, the worst part of the story is that I have no idea how to make Rice Balls. My mom, currently chained up in the basement, refuses to tell me how she makes them. OK, not entirely true (she isn’t chained…), but it would be an understatement to say I wasn’t chomping at the bit for her to teach me already. And that I look forward to the day I can trust her enough to let her come upstairs and show me the entire process start to finish. Important to note: start to finish = 2 days. It’s called an investment.

Do me a favor. Hold a closed fist to your mouth. Good. Now you understand the sheer magnitude of these delicious spheres.

From what I gather this particular recipes goes something like this: cold risotto shaped into balls around mozzarella and peas…the balls are then egg washed, floured, panko crumbed, and given a good fry.

But I know there is more to it… This is one of those kinds of dishes that gets passed down each generation with little unwritten add-ons and preparatory secrets. Following this recipe to a tee just won’t do.

Nevertheless, I intend to report back with a full, comprehensive, belly-stretching attempt at Mom’s Rice Balls.

For a general recipe on how to make Rice Balls, visit a little known search engine called “Google” and type in “rice balls.” Forget the “rice” half and you will get an whole nother kind of recipe. As far as I could tell, none of the recipes I found did my mom’s balls justice, but it’s definitely a start. Was that a weird sentence? It felt weird.

As for right now, I have some literal balls (of the canine variety) about 4 inches from my face. Scroll down for a picture.

Wow. Did you really just scroll?




2 thoughts on “Balls.

  1. those would also be called arancini. but they normally are referred to as rice balls. there are some asparagus rice balls to die for! looks great. Molto Bene.

    • I found out their proper name through my recipe search but decided “Rice Balls” had such a classy and culinary ring to it. Don’t you agree? 🙂

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