The Bits & Pieces

First things first:

We got home tonight and I had received a package. “What else have you been ordering,” Steve says to me, all put-out-like and disappointed. Turns out, my mom had sent me a gift: a gorgeous bracelet (that I will actually wear because it won’t *clank clank* against my keyboard all day). Anyway, I checked out their website and I think I’d accept a second package from the same line sometime in the future, yes indeed. I might have to be the sender this time around though.

Or maybe, since he was such a presumptuous little boob, the boy could get me an apology bracelet for my other wrist. I kid, I kid. But seriously, you did this to me, dude. You showed me all the wonder and magic that is online shopping. I can’t be blamed.

Thanks Mama! Ya sneaky rat.

Ok, back to it. We are almost all but decided on going to Paris for our honeymoon(!!!). Unless of course, we find a reason to go sooner. Really, there is no place in the world I want to go more. I am obsessed with all things French. 

Fashion-wise, French Lesson: Five Style Secrets From a Chic Parisian gets me excited to pack my bag. One question though – why are the Parisian women in magazines always so tall and thin? Must I start smoking fancy cigarettes? Commit to extreme body stretching? 

Jordan, a San Francisco transplant who moved to Paris with her husband and kids, pulls at my heart strings with each and every Paris-themed post. We don’t have kids but I would like to think we are kids at heart. Eating pizza in the park and then riding the carousel? No need to be a child to enjoy that…I trust her implicitly when it comes to all things Paris… France even. Heck, girlfriend knows the entire whole of Europe. 

Maybe it was the whimsy Parisian posts I’d just breezed through, I can’t know for sure, but one of these gorgeous hair pieces are all I need to walk down the aisle. 


Then I will just call Monique and order one of these dresses, you know, from her Fall 2012 line. In white of course. 

And it wouldn’t be a proper representation of everything I’ve fancied on the Internets this past week if I didn’t include a few kitchen ideas. 

I will do this. I will stripe my kitchen wall someday. Free-hand!


Yessssssssssss. Or no? I mean, obviously no on the free hand bit, but isn’t that wall all sorts of rad?

You know what goes with a striped orange kitchen wall? A fireplace. I can’t imagine it would be used much – considering how hot a stove is? But the idea…ah, the idea is quite charming. Wood oven pizzas and s’mores for everyone!


When it’s all said and done I will cook fancy Parisian meals in my striped, fireplace-equipped kitchen. And by fancy Parisian meal I mean a vegetarian version of a classic. Don’t throw things at me! Please!


I see London, I see France, I’ve been writing this entire post…

In my underpants.

Au Revoir!

little x, Big O



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