Weekend Cocktail: 1 part girl power, 2 parts whiskey

I made my first-ever foray into whiskey this weekend at the annual “rock star” themed office party. Needless to say, my brain hurts. I am sleep deprived. And most of all, I fear my co-workers who still don’t know me by name will refer to me hence forth as Hooker Boots.

See what I’m saying?

In conjunction with my recent stint as Ginger Spice (or when sitting alone, “groupie hooker”), I wanted to share a few great suggestions by The Simple Luxurious on how to revel in being a woman. Girl Power never gets old, don’t you agree?

(P.S. If you have lady parts you should really check out the entire blog.)

Among my favorite ways she suggests you revel:

Number 19: Be respectful toward other women.  You may not like some women or agree with them, but don’t belittle them.  Be kind.  Set your boundaries and move on. 

Number 10: Provoke curiosity, instead of titillating. Women are not trophies and our beautiful curves should be tastefully adorned, not tackily clad.  Dress in a manner that hints at what’s underneath, don’t share the entire story. 

Number 8: Mind your manners and rise above those who have none. 

** Before I go horizontal to watch The Academy Awards I’d like to include a very special thank you to my Boo for not eating our leftover pizza for lunch yesterday. Eating cold pizza over the sink like a farm animal at 1 am not only saved my life, but was the perfect end to my night.
Fingers crossed for Woody Allen!

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