Ginger out, Felicity in.

Oh my, have I finally decided to ditch the ginger? More importantly, if I do, could I pull this off?

 There are like 4,062 different reasons this particular hair color scares me. The first of which being this photo alone will likely give Christy a stroke – impressive considering she cuts and colors crazy hair the day long. One would think it takes a lot to make her nervous, you know?

I have some time to mull it over so your input is welcomed and appreciated.

In a related girl-friendly topical realm, I have very exciting news that I am busting to share with just about anyone. I have decided, after just one fruitless shopping expedition, to have someone (very talented!) make my wedding dress. In fact, just tonight I sent her a few pictures of what I had in mind. Fingers crossed she says she can do it. I am very hopeful indeed!

Good thing I spent wasted the last 3 hours staring at that picture of Keri Russell and perusing wedding dresses on the Internet when I have like a gazillion things to do before leaving for San Diego on Friday. I’m the absolute worst.





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