Here & There: SF

We have been walking all over the city – like 10 miles a day (huge cinnamon roll from Tartine* – totally worth it).

There were times I wished I had left my 6 pound camera back at the Inn, but looking back I’m glad I brought it along made Steve carry it. Now I will have pictures of all that food I stuffed in my pie hole for the rest of my glorious life.

Anyway, for starters, these are a few non-food related shots I took along the way…

*Oh, and more on Tartine The Magical Bakery of Happiness and Delicious Treats once I get home. And lose some weight. That place is pure evil.


In the saddle:

  • Vegan Mexican food (cashew cream, anyone?)
  • Tartine (I need new pants.)
  • What Frederick Needs (or what we just wish it had)
  • San Francisco sure loves their wall art
  • The greatest bookstore ever (which is precisely why we will be lugging a 20 lb. book across the US)
  • Other random ramblings/observations about this wonderful city

I have no idea what day it is (I’m on vacation so I don’t have to, you see) but I hope you enjoyed yours. Straight from my most dependable news source, Facebook, I get the impression MD was about 70 degrees and sunny. Sounds lovely.

We will be sure to bring back the Winter with us tomorrow.



2 thoughts on “Here & There: SF

    • Whaaaaaaaaat!?! I ate their cinnamon roll in about 7 minutes flat. In bed too, did I mention that? Pure freaking heaven. We bought their book for crying out loud.

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