The reality of Dog Eared Books does, in fact, not bite.

What makes a good bookstore? To me, it’s a great ratio of classics to contemporary, fair prices, and a great selection of both new and used books. I also appreciate a comfy seat, I sure do.

There was a bookstore only a few blocks from where we stayed in San Francisco. Thinking it was the tip of the iceberg as far as the city was concerned, we moved on rather quickly. However, after a long and arduous loop around Mission, we ended up right where we started, at what we realized was one the best bookstores ever, Dog Eared Books.

We perused. Beatnik, Travel, Cooking, Vegetarian Cooking, Graphic Novels – looking for nothing in particular.

Steve bought a giant used book about bread (read: “You, and you alone, are carrying that thing all the way home, right?”) and I settled on The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath. The night we arrived in the city we Netflixed (it’s a word now, right?) Reality Bites (Steve had never seen it! What!) and at some point Janeane Garofalo tells Winona she is “all up in the bell jar” or something. It made me realize I had never read it. Also, let’s just revisit the fact that Ethan Hawke and Winona Ryder were the pinacle of awesome in the 90’s. That movie is fantastic. 

I happen to think the perfect bookstore is just big enough to hold the number of books one could realistically see themselves reading within a reasonable amount of time. Much bigger and personally, I am inclined to feel overwhelmed. This is the kind of store you go to when you want to find something interesting – simply just because you feel like it.

In fact, I think Dog Eared Books is exactly the kind of bookstore Troy and Lelaina would hang out in…


“Hello, you’ve reached the winter of our discontent. “

Oh, and FYI, Lisa Loeb is 44 years old now. Forty-four. Criminey I’m getting old. Now I have to go listen to that catchy little diddy.

I wonder what will happen if I listen to Lisa Loeb and read Sylvia Plath at the same time. Steve better watch out!


2 thoughts on “The reality of Dog Eared Books does, in fact, not bite.

  1. I Love (!) dog eared books in sf – as I do almost any used book store – , I wasnt sure if it still was there. There’s another great one on polk street, but dont remember the name at the moment. thanks for the memories!

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