For a potential case of the Mondays…

Yea, it’s Monday – and I’m back to work after a short but glorious West Coast vacation. I know a lot of us will be dragging today because of the time change (count me in double on that one…) so I hope this makes you smile.

I know it made me smile – but then again I cried when he had his anal glands expressed. I just might find him a tiny bit more adorable.

P.S. I was hoping to post about the fantastic quinoa I made last night, but as it turns out… well, it didn’t turn out is the problem. It was absolute crap. Mush. Yuck. We did, however, sample some fresh homemade bread courtesy of our new resident baker. And let me tell you – it. was. phenomenal. I am so excited to see what he bakes up next.

On the more unfortunate side of this news, I can feel myself gaining weight as I type this. Good thing I’m getting married.

Monday Shmunday,



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