Your foot’s in my ear.

I kept trying to tell Steve that Washburne had been acting weird ever since we got back from California. That Wash must have forgotten about us, or worse, didn’t care that we were home. He seemed… more independent? Less needy? I don’t know. Maybe I was being paranoid, I thought.

Saturday morning I was the first to wake up. And this is the very sight my eyes took in:

And then after a quick stretch and shift (on Wash’s part anyway), this:

I often wonder how the two of them don’t seem to care that their feet/butts are in each others’ faces through most of the night.

Needless to say, I think things are more than back to normal around here. If not a little better.

(Those are my feet under his head by the way. I was getting a well deserved foot rub when that ass monkey got jealous. He has absolutely no shame. You can see it in his face.)

But, alas, I surrender. Because who could say “no” to this face anyway? I mean, come on.

– Brit, Puppy Mama 4Life


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