PB & J with Watermelon Wedges

Putting your house on the market is stressful. Especially when the payoff isn’t quite set in stone. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but the housing market is a wee bit unreliable right now…

In between professional staging, landscaping, “pack piles,” cleaning, and Goodwill runs, we. are. exhausted. And the house isn’t even technically on the market yet.

So when we got home tonight we continued down our checklist of to-do’s – until we got hungry.

Enter, PB & J – AKA Steve’s favorite meal. 

To compliment this deliciously toasted and oozy sandwich, I cut up some fresh watermelon with a very special touch.

You can see it if you look closely. It’s tiny, but it’s there. And it will make watermelon dance happy happy in your mouth!

It’s SALT!

Sometimes you just have to embrace your inner 9-year-old self and chomp down on a diagonally cut peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a wedge of salted watermelon on the side.

As for the rest of the evening we are sticking with the reminicent theme and watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. For whatever reason, I got an itch to watch it from Season 1, Episode 1 – a detail with which my nostalgic Buffy-loving fiancé has ZERO problem.

In related news, I am patiently waiting for the plantains I bought this weekend to ripen so that I can grill them in butter and brown sugar (delicious, no?). I’ve never done it before but I’ve eaten about, um, 374 of them in my lifetime. That should make me an expert, in my expert opinion.



2 thoughts on “PB & J with Watermelon Wedges

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