Hummus (with “special” ingredient)

I have had an unreasonably difficult time making hummus from scratch in the past. It’s always lumpy or gritty or flavorless. And it almost always ends in a “family size” Sabra-brand hummus in my refrigerator.

Today I was like, “Oh no, chickpeas. This time, I make you my biatch.”

And then I did.

We were practically rejoicing in the kitchen, dancing around with hummus-dolloped pita chips crunching in our happy mouths. “All the money we’ll save! All the different flavors we can and will try!” It was a small victory, but it felt pah-retty good. Mostly because we eat a lot of hummus.

We immediately recognized the need for MORE HUMMUS CAPACITY after making our own batch. So the next step in our hummus world takeover is to buy a bonafide state-of-the-art food processor. Like this one. Or more realistically, this one. Sad panda.

So! Want to know the secret to better hummus?


Chickpeas. Water. Blend. Then follow your standard recipe from there on out.

Try it! Eat it. Join my Hummus Army.

Sadly, knowing myself, I see where this is going. Hummus abundance followed by hummus overindulgence followed by complete and utter hummus burnout.

I don’t care. I’m going for it anyway.

-Brit, “Hummus Monster”


2 thoughts on “Hummus (with “special” ingredient)

  1. Water? Really that simple? Haha, thats great. I love hummus. Keep buying tub after tub at whole foods when I know I can just easily make it. Or have my sister make it for me. Thanks for the tip! 🙂

  2. I feel like it’s too simple to add water? Like I’m lying by calling it a secret ingredient…haha. But it kind of is, right? A lot of the recipes I see don’t mention water and it really makes ALL the difference.

    P.S. Whole Foods brand hummus is fantastic. I bet they use water too.

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