It’s Monday. Again.

The weekend flew by (kind of in a bad way?). We had at least two home showings a day, and as a result, vamoosed our behinds out of the house on the regular so strangers could walk their dirty shoes all over it. If I sound moderately bitter it’s only because the very last scheduled showing never happened – it was supposed to be from 6 – 8 pm (on a Sunday at that!). ..We walked around the neighborhood, for what seemed like, only to come home and find that no one had even showed up.

Whatever, it’s all part of the process, right? And no matter how much I kick and scream – it’s Monday all the same.

Monday, Monday, Monday. You suck so hard. Other than a new pair of shoes I have zero clue as to how to make you go any better.

Maybe the answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind.

The answer is blowing in the wind. (best folk bad ever)

If the answer is in fact in the wind, Wash was hearing it all morning yesterday.

May your Monday be windy and full of answers.



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