I love my dog even though he…

  • rarely comes inside when I call him.
  • made me chase him around the yard to keep him from eating his own vomit. Twice.
  • loves to play fetch – but hates to bring the ball back. (I swear, I’m not trying to trick you, dog!)
  • almost always sleeps on my side of the bed.
  • and then stretches his legs out.
  • and scratches me with his untrimmed talons of death.
More importantly,  I even love my dog even though he
  • never wants to takes pictures with me.
  • and then when I try, he yawns out of sheer boredom:

And so we settled for candid. And by candid I mean I’m holding a treat in my hand hoping for results.

And pensive thoughtful shots of us daydreaming… he of defenseless bunnies and me of well-behaved dogs.

I tell him all the time he’s damn lucky he’s cute.

After which he usually says something like, “Um lady, you’re hogging the bed.”



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