“Foolproof” Quiche

I’ve been nursing a migraine for 3 (THREE!!) straight days and somewhere around the end of day two, I unhinged a bit. Like, willing to do almost anything (sacrifice babies, pull out my own tooth, the dishes) kind of unhinged. I stayed home today to recoup and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made.

In short, Buffy cured me. I watched a lot of Buffy. And Trainspotting – but that might have been a bad idea.

I’m still scared of sunlight (because of the migraine, not because I’m a vampire) but I’m feeling a lot better, thanks for asking.

However, because staring at this screen for more than 10 minutes at a time puts a mad hurtin’ on my sweet orbs, I wanted to pop in and tell you (quickly!) about the “practice” quiche I made just in case I had to man-up for Easter brunch. I would like to go into great detail about how magnificently fluffy it turned out, but I can’t. You will just have to trust me.

A few days ago (most likely in preparation for the holiday weekend) I saw a post on The Kitchn with the headline “How to Make Foolproof Quiche” and I said to myself, “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!”

I don’t exactly know which step leant instead to fluffier quiche in the end, but we definitely notice a difference from previous attempts.

For Next Time (this is where I tell you what I did wrong but make it sound like I knew all along)

  • I wouldn’t cover the crust with foil – it doesn’t need it. It won’t burn.
  • Tomatoes are tricky – I’d seed them in order to dry them out a bit.
  • This recipe doesn’t call for any pepper (crazy!). I added some to the wet ingredients but I’d probably throw in a bit more next time too.

I’m still on the look-out for a straight-sided cake pan (like this but higher) with SUPER TALL sides to make my quiche more restaurant-worthy (Have you ever noticed how tall restaurant quiche is?).

If you see one,  please buy it for me. I will pay you back with fluffy, buttery-crusted, foolproof quiche.



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