Easter Eve Day

It was a beautiful outside today so when we got a call that people wanted to check out the house (yes!), we decided to hoist the pup into the car and drive around for a bit.

We also managed to:
  • buy Mass Effect 3 (Has anyone seen Steve?)
  • pick up a large assortment of bulk nuts
  • and take Washburne for a scamper around the ol’ neighborhood (by scamper I mean dislocated shoulder sockets)

Once we got home we made two quiches, one of which our stupid asshole dog ate part of, and then whipped up some lemon ricotta pancakes for dinner.

The pancakes…are a whole ‘nother kind of story. Like the kind that ends with you waking up from a relatively bad dream, but realizing you still got to keep the sparkly red shoes. Magical. They were so good, if fact, we almost forgave Wash for his quiche-related transgression (“I will NEVER forgive him.” – SK. He worked really hard on that quiche, I can’t blame him.).

It turned out to be a really nice day. Although, I will admit (even if it makes me sound ungrateful) that showing your home can be a bit of an inconvenience at times. The prep, the staging, the hiding of my underwear – it’s a hefty checklist. If it’s at all redeeming, I only felt entirely put-out once and mostly because it was raining.

You wouldn’t have heard a peep of complaint out of me today.



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