Lemon. Ricotta. Pancakes.

Oh my. Oh, my my.

Every so often I create something in the kitchen that makes my foodie soul sing. And the song goes a little something like this:

“I’m gonna eat this until I’m sick. Watch my food baby grow, grow, grow. I don’t belong to a gym, otherwise I’d probably go.” Cue zombie-like gurgle immediately followed by flopping my giant batter-filled body onto the couch.

I can be very dramatic when I need to be not do the dishes.

So maybe that is NOT a good song. That is, in fact, a really bad song (Even if I sing most of my off-the-cuff songs to the melody of Buckwheats’s “I got a dolla. I gotta dolla. I gotta dolla, hey hey hey HEY!”), but I happen to posses a caramely angelic post-pancake voice that would sway you, trust me.


But first: I’ve been debating something over the past few weeks involving the posting of recipes from my Mark Bittman cookbook here on washthedog. You see, I don’t think I should? I can’t find them anywhere on the Interwebs so clearly someone is going to great lengths to make them book-exclusive. And I’m totally cool with that.

So I came to this conclusion: I will post the short, simple recipes (like this one – because that’s harmless, right?) while minding to pimp out the awesome cookbook (in hopes you will purchase it, love it, and write Bittman a personal email all about me). Then, with the bigger, badassier recipes, I will just link to similar versions from other food blogs that I trust.

Good? Good. I feel better.

Smitten Kitchen: Lemon Ricotta Pancakes for yours…

And now mine!:

The Mister acted as Head Chef on this one. Go Stevie K.! He did an awesome job telling me what to do. And I did an OK job taking it.

My favorite part was when he instructed me to beat the egg whites into stiff peaks. By hand. “It won’t take long” he said!

He was lying. It took forever. Mostly because I couldn’t stop laughing at “stiff peaks,” but whatever.

Look at me go! 

The lemon zest makes them sweet – the ricotta, dense and sour. Together, with (good quality) maple syrup and Irish butter, it makes them delicious.

We made whatever amount the recipe called for – I would guess upwards of enough for say, 8-34 people.

And we ate the entire thing.

Evil pancake laugh! Muahahahaha!



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