Creamy Wheat: A favorite (+lumpy) dish from my childhood

I don’t know a lot of people who have the same deep appreciation for Cream of Wheat as I do, but my hope is to bring you to the dark (as in brown sugar) side with this post.

And last I checked it’s unreasonably cold outside, the wind is a blowin’, and the precipitous sprinkle has just started. Hence, the perfect meal to tide you over until the light spring breeze and warm sun are back again.

Growing up, my mom would often make Cream of Wheat for breakfast, lunch, and even dinner (not all in one day – she wasn’t that lazy, come on). It was a very haphazard and non-specific process. She would prepare it on the stove-top or even in the microwave (using standard box instructions), and the only thing that truly mattered in the end was the lumps. There had to be lumps.

Once it was ready we would scoop the sticky mess into our bowls and top it with brown sugar, butter, and maybe a little more milk. Whatever, and more importantly, however much we wanted.

As I got older (and coming home way too late), I would drag my lazy butt downstairs wake up early in the morning, eat mother-prepared Cream of Wheat, and go right back to bed. I’m sure my mother appreciated my dedication to rest. Teenagers just love themselves some “rest.”

I’ve made Cream of Wheat for a lot of my friends and I’ve found they really love it. I watch as the haze sets in, the eyes roll back into their head, and the inevitable creamy wheat coma commences. Then, I steal their wallet.

P.S. Cream of Wheat dishes are the absolute WORST to clean up. You should really try and have a mother around for those.

I happen to owe mine a lot of clean cream of wheat bowls.



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