Endorsement: Tofu-Stuffed Wontons

Today, I consumed:

  • quiche
  • hummus
  • gherkins (7, maybe 12)
  • olives
  • one bloody mary
  • celery
  • kiwi
  • one rum bun (yea, I don’t know what that means either)
  • coffee
  • caprese salad
  • chips
  • red peppers
  • cucumbers
and tofu-stuffed wontons… it was an incredibly busy day.

But I completely cleaned out exactly one garage today too, so I’ve got that going for me.

We found some pre-made wonton wrappers while grocery shopping today. I liken them to pre-made puff pastry. As in, the pure genius of these little circles is not only appreciated, but actually used by people who can make them from scratch if they wanted to. I’m into them. Full endorsement.

We stuffed ours with silken tofu (first time with the silken for me), minced ginger and garlic, sesame oil, and chopped scallions.

After a few minutes in hot oil (ok, it’s not a healthy dish), they puff up and turn golden brown. Fried foods are gorgeous.

The Mister also whipped up a nice little dipping sauce from soy sauce, ginger, garlic chili sauce, scallions, and rice wine vinegar. In my honest and completely unbiased opinion, the sauce made the dish.

We tend to migrate towards healthier foods when at home and saving the good stuff for going out to eat – but whatever. Frying wontons in a kitchen of the home you are trying to sell makes for a nice dose of healthy rebellious behavior.

All our windows are open.

It’s not really helping.

Pre-made wonton wrappers are still the bees knees.

Not quite as good as the bloody mary, but damn close.



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