Birchbox is an exercise in patience. Hi, I’m Brit, nice to meet you, and I don’t have any.

First I was on the waiting list. Then I got my “You have 48 hours from NOW to sign up for Birchbox” email. Finally my confirmation email. And then, it shipped. That was an email too.

I think in actuality that all took about 2 months, but I’m going to ballpark it as feeling more along the lines of 6. Like I said, no patience.

Sigh. First-world problems are exhausting. (My iPhone home button has been on the fritz too.)

But today! Finally! My very first Birchbox was waiting for me when I got home.

I loved the idea of Birchbox from the start. But I was especially excited to find how tailored it could be to my tastes/needs. For example, I have enough hair for 9 people. I don’t need volumizing hair spray, dry shampoo, or thickening conditioner. You can safely add blue eye shadow to that list too while we are at it.

This weeks’ Box (the very first of its kind) included:

  • exfoliating facial cleanser
  • daily moisturizer
  • hair serum
  • fashion tape (One of the applications is “adjust jean length.” I’m confused. I thought it was just run-of-the-mill booby tape?)
  • eye shadow
  • and Juicy Couture perfume

You can cruise their website for the details if you fancy, but basically for $10/month (or two Starbucks lattes) you can sample all kinds of super expensive products before you buy. It’s a marketer’s dream and I wish I’d thought of it.

[It’s like they were listening every time I screamed into my pillow for spending $50 on some beauty product I couldn’t return. I’m looking at you, Clinique Wrinkle Serum.]


Birchbox is under the impression I have red hair. I, in fact, no longer have red hair.

[Weird how truly not myself I feel with my natural (as far as I know – I haven’t seen it since the 90’s) hair color. On the bright side, I can wear teal again. On the sadder end of things, strangers don’t yell “Hey, Red! Love your hair!” anymore.]


1) Thank you Cara for introducing me to Birchbox. I can say with confidence we were on the upward swing of the movement. Which makes us hipsters. Hipsters!

2) I have a fantastic hair colorist. Slash Life Coach. Thanks for letting me show you how I can stand on the hair-washing station chair, bend my head over the sink, while letting you rinse me head from a totally different angle. That took trust on your part. And a good bit of balance on mine.

Holy Heck, is this week over yet?

– Brit


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