Kristen Bell + Brit = BFF?

Many a day ago I read an interview with Kristen Bell. You might recognize her from such things as WB cult-classic Veronica Mars, Apatow produced financed Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Steve’s dreams, or maybe even that one video where she completely unhinges over the prospect of a sloth entering her home.

Ok, it’s kind of cute.

Turns out K. Bell and I have a lot in common. She’s engaged? I’m engaged! She’s a vegetarian/occasional vegan? Me too! She loves animals/sloths? I love…animals too! She calls Everything But the Kitchen Sink Salads “Everything But The Kitchen Salads?” Shut up, Kristen because I CALL EVERYTHING BUT THE KITCHEN SINK SALADS “EVERYTHING BUT THE KITCHEN SINK SALADS!!”

About one day past the day I should have gone grocery shopping I like to make this salad. To snazz it up I make a honey-mustard vinegrette (Olive Oil + Vinegar + honey + dijon mustard + crushed garlic + salt & pepper) and just get crazy.

(cucumbers, tomatoes, red pepper, garbanzo beans, red onion, edamame, pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries, and olives) – not pictured: pita chips and hummus. You didn’t think we just ate salad for dinner, did you?

I’ll often top the salad with a veggie burger, hard boiled eggs, or straight-out-of-the-freezer falafel. I hate that this isn’t my most impressive EBTKSS, but oh well. The whole point is to work with what you got, OK?

The glaring problem with the Everything But The Kitchen Sink Salad is now we have no food, officially putting us at a 98.65% chance of picking up Thai take-out tomorrow night so we can “get through the rest of week without going to the grocery store.”

Really I just want you to know I thought of the name for that salad.

And as a reminder to be less wasteful. You know, with Earth Day coming up and all…



-Brit, BFF/Lover of the Earth


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