Thursday Night: Wedding Planning and Pickled Crack

Ever since we had our son (one year ago on Saturday!), going out to dinner on the weeknights has been a rarity. I don’t know what it was about tonight in particular, but we threw caution to the wind tortured the pup a little bit longer, and had ourselves a nice little Mediterranean dinner.

So, I’m curious. What do couples talk about after the wedding?

I’m just kidding. I could talk for decades, even without a wedding to plan. But we do seem to find ourselves chatting about the Big Day a whole lot more now that the wheels are in motion. Well, maybe not in motion, but most definitely greased.

Yup. Super greasy wheels at this point.

(This is not a picture of greasy wheels)

…And I’m actually enjoying the process. Having such supportive parents has been a huge bonus.

As a matter of fact, my mother called me today with some wedding-related news. Turns out, she couldn’t wait until this weekend to see a particular venue, so she decided to stop on by…

And peek in the windows.

“It has great light,” she told me, sounding as if she were reaching for something. Like, maybe her footing (I didn’t think much of it at the time)?

“Natural light?” (I’m trying not to, but I’m clearly getting excited at this point.)

“There are bottles on the table. Someone was definitely having a party here recently…”

“Wait, what? Mom, what are you doing?”

For legal reasons the story ends there. But how lucky am I to have a mom that is literally so excited about my wedding that she goes out her way to bend the law for intel?

The answer is super lucky.

P.S. The Falafel Wrap at Mediterranean Grille comes with these bright pink pickled half-moon shaped bites of perfection (pictured above) that I think are pickled radishes? They are like crack.

What are they?

– Brit


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